INTRODUCING ABOVE VIEW ACOUSTICS, ceiling tile for commercial interiors designed to absorb and reduce sound. Choose from our two new innovative designs. Additional acoustic ceiling tile designs coming soon. Custom tile designs available upon request. PRESS RELEASE

Diamond Sound Screen Plaster Ceiling Tile Deco 2 - Square Acoustic Ceiling Tile
TL-0200 TL-0210

ABOVE VIEW INC. introduces the ABOVE ACOUSTICS collection, with two unique acoustic ceiling tile designs to suit any commercial interior. Enhance your interior with one of our acoustic plaster ceiling tiles such as Diamond Sound Screen Ceiling Tile, TL-0200, and Deco 2 - Square Acoustic Ceiling Tile, TL-0210. Suspend our acoustic ceiling tiles from any standard drop-in 15/16” T-Bar ceiling grid system. Where acoustical products are essential, choose our high performing and contemporary artisan ceiling tiles. These plaster and glass fiber ceiling tiles are backed with sound absorbing material. Choose ABOVE VIEW™ INC.’s exquisite acoustic ceiling tile designs to provide a fresh new look and provide noise reduction for your interior space. More coming soon.