Futuristic and avant-garde ceiling tile designs for commercial interiors. Great choices include futuristic and avant-garde millennium ceiling tiles and futuristic and avant-garde zig-zag ceiling tiles, among other futuristic and avant-garde ceiling tile options.
Turn any commercial interior into a pioneering masterpiece with ABOVE VIEW’s 10 cutting-edge futuristic and avant-garde ceiling tile designs. Enhance your avant-garde interior with one of our futuristic plaster ceiling panels such as; Random Cube Ceiling Tile, Pyramid 4 Ceiling Tile, Millennium Ceiling Tile, or Quad Wedge Ceiling Tile. Suspend our avant-garde ceiling tiles from any standard drop-in 15/16” T-Bar ceiling grid system. Our innovative, futuristic ceiling tiles have been used to revamp hotels, renovate restaurants and create progressive futuristic and avant-garde interior ceiling designs in casinos. With a Class A fire rating, these plaster and fiberglass futuristic ceiling tiles are non-flammable with zero smoke spread. Choose ABOVE VIEW™ INC.’s exquisite futuristic ceiling tile designs to provide a trendsetting look to your futuristic, avant-garde interior space.