Discover Geometric, artisan, plaster and glass fiber, GRG, GFRG ceiling tile designs for commercial interiors. Choose from our beautiful designs, including geometric modulated cube ceiling tiles, geometric pyramid ceiling tiles, geometric wedge ceiling tiles and other geometric patterned ceiling tile options.
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ABOVE VIEW offers state of the art geometric artisan ceiling tile designs to suit any modern commercial interior. To create a geometric ceiling design choose one of our geometric plaster ceiling panels such as; Platforms Ceiling Tile, Emerald Cut Ceiling Tile, Deco 1 – Circle Ceiling Tile, or Step Up 1.2.3 Ceiling Tile. Suspend our geometric ceiling tiles from any standard drop-in 15/16” T-Bar ceiling grid system. Our ultramodern, geometric ceiling tiles have been used to upgrade hotels, modernize casinos and create progressive geometric interior ceiling designs in restaurants. With a Class A fire rating, these plaster and glass fiber, GRG, GFRG geometric ceiling tiles are non-flammable with zero smoke spread. Choose ABOVE VIEW™ INC.’s exquisite geometric ceiling tile designs to provide a brand-new look to your modern, geometric interior space.