The Cheesehead Pattern (c) 2015 and Cheesehead Logo and Trademarks are owned and Licensed by Foamation, Inc.

ABOVE VIEW has paired with Foamation, Inc. to create Cheesehead™ Brand Tiles made in Wisconsin. These one of a kind artisan cheese ceiling tiles and wall tiles are perfect for the cheese lover or Green Bay Packers fan in your family. Suspend our Cheesehead™ Brand Ceiling Tiles from any standard drop-in 15/16” T-Bar ceiling grid system to complete your sports bar, creamery or man cave. Hang our Cheesehead™ Brand Wall Tiles next to your favorite Packer’s jersey or in your kitchen. With a Class A fire rating, these plaster and glass fiber, GRG, GFRG Cheesehead™ Brand ceiling and wall tiles are non-flammable with zero smoke spread. Cheesehead™ Brand Tiles are available by calling ABOVE VIEW at 414-744-7118.

Order yours today to have a unique piece of Wisconsin in your home.