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Above View's Sound Absorbing Panels provide ceiling tile solutions for spaces that require grid as well as an acoustic element. Choose a fresh alternative to other boring and ubiquitous acoustic products. Contemporary, cutting edge ceiling tile designs reduce noise without compromising on beauty. Each 2' x 2' plaster, GRG option adds dimension while its accompanying acoustic infill panel absorbs sound.

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In spaces as diverse as a country club dining rooms, conference centers and sports stadium suites, Above View is at the forefront of the specialty ceiling acoustics market. These exciting additions includes contemporary, geometric and classic styles that absorb sound and incorporate a new level of sophistication in the ceiling plane. Suspend our acoustic ceiling tiles from any standard drop-in 15/16” T-Bar ceiling grid system. With a Class A fire rating, these plaster and glass fiber, GRG, GFRG acoustic ceiling tiles are non-flammable with zero smoke spread. Choose ABOVE VIEW INC.’s exquisite acoustic ceiling tile designs to provide a fresh new look to your interior space.

Above View Inc has been a trusted source for 2’ x 2’ GRG Ceiling Tiles since 1984. Above View's proprietary GRG (gypsum reinforced with glass fibers) produces a lightweight product with excellent strength and durability. Above View's GRG ceiling tiles outlast inferior fiberboard, plastic or vinyl alternatives, and neither sag nor warp. Our process produces a high quality GRG product with special attention to maintaining definition of details and integrity of design. All GRG tiles have a UL Class A fire rating and are easily field cut for down lights, vents and sprinklers, without breakage. Built to last, Above View's gypsum and glass fiber ceiling tiles endure the test of time!